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February 2023

The SFES team gathers at EDHEC Business School in Nice to elaborate a White Paper identifying the key employability skills for Sustainable Fashion. This White Paper will be presented in Madrid on the 23rd of June at the project’s final conference. The document aims to help the Fashion industry identify some of the most important employability skills and come back together with the consumers to respect the value of the clothes.

October 2022

Our project investigators, Lindsey Carey and Esteban Galán Cubillo, have been honored to present the SFES European project at the Changemakers and Pioneers showcase event held in Brussels this week. During their presentation, they shared the purposes of the project as well as the knowledge acquired during its development, thus inspiring others to go on with their own ideas and make them a reality.

October 2022

Three weeks ago se were collaborating in the Future of Fashion congress. We approached it with great enthusiasm to see how professionals, designers, brands and figures presented their ideas and projects in search of a sustainable future in fash

A congress of these characteristics materializes everything for which SFES is fighting. We presented our project with a very good reception and response from the participants. We shared two very inspiring days that we hope are only the beginning.

September 2022

Students, professors, researchers & partners get together once again, this time in Madeira, Portugal to celebrate the second workshop organized by SFES European Project

the Throughout the week, we have enjoyed the beautiful Madeiran tradition and incorporate to our outputs the knowledge acquired during the visits to different local sustainable companies.

July 2022

The project SFES (Sustainable Fashion and Employability Skills) has welcomed over 40 students and staff from the partner universities (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Edhec, Universidad Villanueva and Universidade de Madeira) and two industrial partners (Harris Tweed Hebrides and Tendam Retail Group) in Europe as part of the Sustainable Fashion Employability Skills (SFES) Erasmus + funded project workshop led by GCU. The participants have been with us for a week of immersive experiences with visits and workshops to the best representations of sustainable businesses in Scotland.

June 2022

Introducing the first chapter of our new podcast series: Sustainable Fashion Pills by SFES European Project. The first chapter is live now: ‘Fair Trade: working conditions in textile industries in Asia’, a conversation with Kavita Parmar.

We cannot think of a better way of kicking off our new project than with Kavita: an activist, entrepreneur and creative director.

May 2022

The “Universitat Politècnica de València” (UPV) has formally joined the Social Forum of the Fashion Industry through a meeting held at Gandia Campus Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The forum comprises a group of entities committed to upgrading the social, environmental and economic sustainability of Spanish fashion’s industrial and distribution sector.

Retailers such as Inditex, TENDAM, MANGO or El Corte Inglés participate in this forum. The engagement took place in an event attended by students participating in the
European project SFES European Project on Sustainable Fashion led by professors Esteban Galán Cubillo and Nadia Alonso López.

April 2022

We have started a new TikTok challenge.

April 2022

This year, concerning the world #earthday, the Oceano Azul Foundation will organize more than 150 presential and virtual initiatives to celebrate the ocean in #portugal.

These initiatives include expositions, conferences, cleaning the beaches, and special sessions in classrooms all around the country for seven days. People of all ages are equally welcome.

April 2022

Like every year, the 22nd of April is dedicated to the Earth and like every year is mobilizing all over France. Their mantra is that by ensuring the health of the Earth, we ensure the mental and physical health of everyone.

We cannot think of a better way of kicking off This year, they have created the eco-anxious movement which calls on everyone to communicate their vision of the earth and to become aware of how to improve their impact on the #environment

Thursday 4th November 2021

 Glasgow Caledonian University organized a very awaited zoom panel within the COP26  in partnership with our EU-funded SFES project, aiming to discuss reaching sustainable goals in the fashion industry through education and employability. A diverse panel of speakers, which included members of our team, addressed these issues and answered some questions thrown by the attendants.

The speakers addressed the topic of the environmental issues that the fashion industry is facing and tackled it from their individual perspectives and their professional backgrounds. 

Thursday 16th September 2021

We are very happy because we could make the first in-person meeting of all the partners in the Sustainable Fashion Employability Skills (SFES).

The meeting was in the GCU London this September. We talked about the next steps in the project, such as the workshops in Scotland and Portugal in 2022 or the development of the different actions to carry out.

Many thanks to all of you. We are looking forward to seeing you again! And remember we are looking for storytelling of brands that have embraced sustainability. We would appreciate it if you can share yours in our social media: Instagram or Twitter.

Wednesday 30th June 2021

SFES is celebrating an On-line Launch Meeting where all the investigators, industry partners and students will be able to meet for the first time. Although is not being easy to carry out face to face activities this exciting event will finally mark the takeoff of our project. Don’t forget that you can also join a Club House chat after the meeting!

10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (UK, Portugal)
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (France, Spain)

More events coming soon