Intellectual Outputs

Sustainable Fashion Employability Skills Survey

The results provide a current picture of how fashion companies work towards the sustainability issue and challenges they face to implement it. An overarching idea is that all stakeholders involved in the fashion industry (companies, suppliers, customers, etc.) need to improve efforts regarding sustainability: it should be a joint venture. All companies have sustainable practices in place -more than 80% of surveyed-. In addition, communication of sustainability measures they have or will implement is an important aspect for more than 70% of respondents. There is a strong commitment among companies towards working under the slow fashion movement (54,31% choose between 8 to 10 in the scale).

Contemporary Skills for Sustainable Fashion Module

The purpose of this module is to equip students with a broad based knowledge and understanding of the nature and background of sustainable fashion industry practices. Through the use of co-creation, the purpose of this module is to equip students with an understanding of the evolution and contemporary aspects of sustainable fashion, job roles and employability within the fashion industry. Furthermore, following an international, intergenerational and interdisciplinary format, the module introduces students to the concepts, principles and practicalities within the fashion industry that focus on aspects of sustainable fashion and employability.